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If you love your home but current conditions require the need for more space, instead of purchasing a new home, Martino Construction Group can create additional space to fit flawlessly within your home.

Is Your Family Growing? Before You Think About Moving, Consider a Home Extension

Martino Construction Group will design and build what your growing family needs – a dormer, an extension, a Mother Daughter or a garage conversion – to add more living space the easy way. We will work with you hand in hand to design the space you need and meet your budget while finishing your project in a timely fashion. From the time you call our office to your final walk through, your entire process will be a great experience with us!


Home Extensions Add Value & Comfort

On Long Island, families seem to be ever expanding, but Martino Construction Group can help you expand your home so that you no longer need to live in a cramped space – whether a single additional room or an entire new wing.

home extension & dormer

Home extensions are add-ons to first-floor rooms and can provide your growing family with needed extra living space. Home extensions will give your home a much more lavish space to reflect your changing lifestyle. No matter how you wish to go about this new project, it incorporates a lot of planning. At Martino Construction Group, we have years of experience guiding people through the process to ensure you are getting a beautiful addition to your home at an affordable rate. We will also help you budget the job accordingly to get your home looking how you dreamed it would be. We will work closely with you to ensure your vision is reached, resulting in a beautiful and efficient home that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.


Dormers Do Wonders Because They:

  • Increase the livable space on the second floor of your home
  • Add texture and clarity to exterior facades
  • Brighten up the day by bringing light and air inside

The design process can be overwhelming, but the experienced staff at Martino Construction Group will make the process easy. We will help you create a dormer that has flair and is cosmetic to the style of your home. We are dedicated to using only the finest products in remodeling projects. Any product we install on your home is a trusted name and has a superb track record.

You Love Your Family but Also Your Privacy

With the current economic conditions on Long Island and the cost of living increasing, more and more families are relying on each other for support – an elderly parent or loved one may need your living assistance, or your child is moving back home from college – let Martino Construction Group’s design consultants help you create a space where you can live more comfortably and be “one big happy family.”

Martino Construction Group specializes in mother daughter extensions for your home to create room to share with family. With our mother daughter extensions, your privacy will not be sacrificed while living with another person. We take the guesswork out of how to live with someone while still living independently. It doesn’t matter if your relative is elderly or young, our work will be sure to please any of your living space needs.

Schedule a Consultation

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Communication Is Key for a Dream Space

A remodeling project always starts with good communication. Any homeowner going through the remodeling process is going to have questions – the key is to address them before they become problems – and that’s exactly what we do.

Proper permits are required for all home extensions and dormers, but don’t worry, Martino Construction Group will take care of all permits to ensure your project goes smoothly and stress free.