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Kitchen Remodel from Start to Finish

Working for Martino Construction Group, who else would I trust to renovate my own home? Three weeks ago, we kicked off my own kitchen renovation, with demolition day!

Construction while living in your home can be stressful and starting this process, I was rather panicked. How can I manage without my kitchen?! After all, my daughter needs breakfast, school lunches packed and, well, she and my husband need to eat dinner too (forget about me, I can manage)! Well, no worries there, I was kept fully functional; sink, refrigerator and stove in place! I was able to do what I needed to do while construction was in progress.

Choices, Choices, Choices!

My most difficult task with this team on my side was deciding what pretty finishes to choose! I went with white cabinets, a white and grey quartz counter top and a grey glass subway tile backsplash. I chose black stainless-steel appliances, specifically LG. I just loved their color!

For cost effectiveness, I chose a wood laminate for my floors, as this will hold up well to both my dogs and spills. I found a beautiful color and decided to do my whole downstairs with it.


It was so exciting to come home from work each day to see what progress had been made. Seeing everything come together and so quickly was just amazing! My friends are in amazement at how fast we finished! My neighbor said it was like one of those TV shows on HGTV, because of how quickly it was completed, but that is how we operate at Martino Construction Group!


I purchased my home just over one year ago and the only part of my house I disliked was my kitchen……and what a major part of a house that is to dislike!!

For the first year in my home, I just decided to settle and deal with my unattractive kitchen, but I never wanted to look at it, never enjoyed cooking in it. I am so glad that I pulled the trigger on this project and decided to allow myself to have the kitchen of my dreams! Martino Construction Group was able to give me a beautiful kitchen, within a low budget and extremely quickly! Three weeks of work and I am thrilled to share my before and after photos with you!

So…………who needs a new kitchen?

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