Maximizing Bathroom Storage Space

Maximizing Bathroom Storage Space

Bathrooms can be somewhat limited in storage space compared to other areas of your home. This article provides helpful tips on maximizing bathroom storage space without sacrificing style.

Recessed Shelving

By utilizing hollowed-out space behind drywall, recessed shelving does not protrude into the bathroom area. The same idea applies to shower nooks.

Wall-to-Wall Vanities

Bathroom vanities that are custom-constructed to fit flush within the space provide maximum storage space while portraying a sleek aesthetic. Additionally, double vanities further optimize this space, providing a comfortable area for two!

Don’t Let Your Bathroom Layout Limit You

Your bathroom layout may not be ideal for an amenity like a wall-to-wall vanity. If this is the case, choose a design that encompasses as much wall space as possible, simultaneously maximizing storage areas.

double bathroom vanity

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