The Benefits of Linear Drains in Your Bathroom

The Benefits of Linear Drains in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most sacred and personal rooms in the home. It is generally a space where you seek comfort and unwind. Why not ensure that your bathroom consists of the most useful components while also adding character to the room?

At Martino Construction Group, our staff knows the latest trends in bathroom designs and is well-versed in bathroom additions that are more classically designed. One way to improve your bathroom is by adding a linear drain, which can easily be installed on your bathroom floors.

What Is a Linear Drain?

A linear drain is a long, usually rectangular-shaped drain that can be installed in tiled showers. They are designed to be aligned with the floor so they can create one flat surface. Not only are linear drains practical for bathrooms, but they also have a variety of benefits.


The Benefits of Linear Drains in Your Bathroom

  • Easier to clean than traditional shower drains since they provide a larger area for water to flow and contain efficient strainers to catch debris before it gets into the drain.
  • Any water on the bathroom floor will flow directly toward the drain.
  • Reduced risk of tripping since it is perfectly aligned with the floor.
  • They are modern and add character to your bathroom.
  • They are available in varying lengths, finishes, and style choices.
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Long Island’s Bathroom Renovation Experts

Vinny Martino and the rest of the Martino Construction Group team take care of all the elements of the bathroom renovation process, from design to product selection to construction. Contact us today to get your bathroom renovation started and to schedule a consultation.

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