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What to Include in Your Kitchen Remodel to Maximize Functionality

Whether your kitchen is big or small, it’s a good idea to think about the best ways to remodel your kitchen so that it boosts organization, convenience, and style. Incorporating some of these ideas will give your kitchen the enhancements it needs to make one of the most important rooms in the house easier to maintain.

Smarter Storage

“More storage” is the most spoken-about idea when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Sneaking in storage of any unused spaces is the key. For example, the narrow pull-out drawers between cabinets or appliances allow you to make the most of a sliver of space for storage. Built-in appliances will not only give your kitchen a polished look but having the refrigerator nestled into custom cabinetry will also provide storage above the fridge.

Pot Filler

Hauling heavy pots of water across the kitchen is not ideal when cooking and could be quite hazardous. A pot filler is a great kitchen feature that can be installed wherever you are able to run a cold water line. The faucet, which swings out, is mounted on the kitchen backsplash to allow for an easier (and safer) way to fill a big pot of water for pasta.

Lindenhurst kitchen renovation
Lindenhurst kitchen renovation

Trash and Recycling

Keeping your garbage and recycling cans out of sight always makes for a cleaner-looking kitchen. Installing a pull-out drawer can help with that. You can also incorporate separate bins within the pull-out drawer to sort recyclables, compost, and other trash.

Warming Drawer

Having a warming drawer adds a lot to functionality in the kitchen. Not only is this feature great for hosting parties, but it also comes in handy for busy households when preparing food for kids.

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